Monday, April 16, 2012

This Monday wasn't so great.

I take the behavior of my kids personally and today... both of them made choices that I didn't agree with.

Shane has been such a challenge lately, he has been ignoring my requests, and talking back.-- But when he's at school he seems to be getting along fine.  Last week and this week he has been "suffering" with a head cold.  I think he either chewed a crayon or at least destroyed the crayon, all in a matter of minutes, and when I asked why? He just stared at me.
He is such a smart kiddo... I wonder if he is manipulating me ...

There is a student at the school who I have had to manage during field trips or in class while helping out and he also has diagnoses, -this student really pushes my buttons... I know his mom and although she is a nice person, I don't have a good connection with her --her parenting methods are very different than mine.

The kids were transitioning from one room to another, Shane came back to find the above student in his chair.., Shane asked the student to move-- and the student replied, "No, I'm not gonna move... never ever move."
After a short while, Shane took the students head and banged it on the desk. The student is okay... but Shane received a referral.   Clearly, Shane didn't make good choices in his interaction.   I wonder if the other student will have consequences for his comments.-- Or is that anything I need to worry about?

Jessica ... had to take her OAKS math test again, and this time the tester read the questions to her -- which made Jessica -- who is a STRONG reader very angry--  she very dramatically put her hands over her ears...again and again.  Tomorrow she has to finish taking the test, but now they will let her do it with accommodations,(She will be one on one with someone will will not read her the questions) she will also find the tester and apologize. 

One of my favorite bloggers is going to stop blogging and only use twitter. I'm sad and I am really going to miss her.  -- TherExtras.

I have a Dr. appointment later this week that I am dreading, and then at the end of the week Shane has his Early Steps visit.-.

The rain is back ... and I can honestly say ... Dear God, I have had enough rain, please...please make it stop.

That's all I have for now.  

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KDL said...

Hi Stacey - just had to say you're not alone. My kiddo has been more challenging lately, too. I think she is missing her outdoor time because we've had a lot of late in the season rain this year - just enough to keep things too wet to play outside. I also think it is sheer fatigue. Although she loves the structure of school, she is tired of keeping herself pulled together all day every day. I wish there were a happy medium for all of this.