Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's been a while...

 It's been a while since I've blogged--  It seemed like for a while there, I didn't want to share anything with anyone.   Now-- things seem to be much better.
The school year is almost over, and both of the kids are doing great-- Jessica recently got an award for discipline.  Shane is also doing well -- his teacher is SUPER good at focusing on the good behavior and ignoring the bad.   They both went with their classrooms to  a field trip at Splash-- a local indoor wave pool, both of the kids had a great time-- and both came home with their  brand new swimsuits.. and towels! :) (Last time Jessica went on this field trip she lost her brand new swimming suit!).
Just yesterday we had a family gathering -- and  it went REALLY well... Shane did a great job of interacting when asked, getting and serving his own food! After we were outside and ready to gather to gab some more, Shane came out to play with a dog -- and then stayed to play with the frog that was found!

We also had Shane's IEP meeting... and it was a GREAT meeting-- It seemed like we were all on the same page, and each of us had something of value to share with the team!  At one point we all told Shane stories, that we all took a moment to laugh about. :)  Usually I would have an idea of who his teacher might be for next year-- but because of school district politics and issues beyond my control -- I don't know ye t who that person is.-- Grr.... I'm not super concerned, because most of the staff have had good interactions with Shane-- but I would still like to know.  
I found out that I can have some surgery that will help me feel better and less angry-- although I have to wait until SEPTEMBER to have the surgery-- that is the soonest that one of the Dr.'s is available!
I went to the Orientation for incoming 6th graders for Jessica-- and I was amazed at how differently the staff interacted with us. When I'm at the grade school it's a community-- the parents and the staff working together to help the kids do their best, At the middle school, I felt like the staff was saying-- go ahead drop off your kids and then later come back  and pick them up.  It seemed like they didn't want to connect with us-- that they would rather just get our kids, teach them and then send them home.

Ah, well.. it's time to get moving and ready for church. I hope you all have a lovely day !


Anonymous said...

Stacey I love you. I knew you would eventually get past some of that. Your kids are awesome and so are you. I'm glad you are getting the surgery you need and hope it does help improve how you feel. I do have to say it was at middle school where it was hard to start keeping track of everything with the kids and their classes. It is a totally different situation than grade school. Because the kids go to so many different classrooms the teachers have to deal with way more kids. The kids are expected to be more independent suddenly. I wish there was more of an intermediary transition for the kids so they could get used to it gradually but alas...and good luck mom. Though Jessica is a smart cookie and I am sure she will love it. Again, I love you Stace. Me

Tammy said...

How has the summer been going?

Anonymous said...

No froggy bloggy......! I keep checking. Me