Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We are doing better now.

We are better now--
Shane did a great job about doing the tasks that I had for him. We survived the grocery trip with out the DS...  He's back at school and his teacher is pleased with his behavior. She is SO great -- she knew that Shane was missing science because of his social skills group-- she spoke with the SPED team and they were happy to have her teach her WHOLE class the social skills stuff ! WOW..... So very cool.  
Shane knows right from wrong and he knows after the event what he did wrong, sometimes he even knows how he could of done it better--- but some of the other kids don't have this skill set and so often his social skills group was not meeting his needs.
Now that the whole class is learning the social skill -- I think things will be so much better. :) 

New Topic...
Why, do people ask for something, which I agreed I could and would do... then when you try to return the item-- people ignore your texts?    Geez... I did something nice-- can't I just get a simple answer already?

My get up and go... got up and went.    Tuesday, and cold wet rain-- I'm not happy to see you! .

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