Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not a good day.

I wrote a post, and then it didn't get saved and posted correctly.


My son had a terrible, horrible very bad melt down at school today.
He hurt another student, and refused to let go of a student and ended up being restrained.
I am very disappointed, and sad.  He is admitting to his mistakes and I think he is regretful.
I am keeping him home tomorrow, it's grocery day for me. -- I have yet to figure out how to manage these two things.
Deep in the mire of parenting unhappy moments.


Anonymous said...

Oh Stacey I'm very sorry about Shane. When my son was in the 1st grade he had a similar thing happen. I know...go figure. Anyhow, it was because he perceived the other kid was making fun of him or something as I recall and he had him by the collar up against the brick wall of the school when they stopped him. He would get so very angry when that kind of thing happened. He did learn from it though. Controlling his actions when overcome was so very hard for him. He is still dealing with his feelings over much of it even at his age now. I can't believe he is turning 26 next month. He has had a lot of fall out from his anger over the years and he has learned to control a lot of it but now he is dealing with his emotional problems from suppressing his feelings. I see him struggle every time I am with him. It breaks my heart but I know he is a very sweet man and very sensitive and has a lot to offer. He is so very creative and yet so sensitive he protects himself and has yet to realize, I believe, that it is okay to feel even if it is not good. I pray constantly for his struggle and for this burden to lift from his shoulders. I love you Stace and I know that you will figure this out and so will Shane. I have a feeling that Shane will come out a much stronger person than my son in the long run. You are way more prepared than I ever was back then. I had to wade through it all the hard way without much support though I am grateful for those who were there. You know if you need me how to corner me my friend. Me

KDL said...

Sorry to hear about this. It is my worst fear. Kindergarten was often like this for us. Something rather magic has happened in transferring to our neighborhood school. So far only a couple of minor outbursts and both of those were when something unexpected had occurred in her schedule - and neither involved another child. This year, no problems at all...but there is always the lingering fear in my mind. What if?? I hope the school has been helpful in working through all of the issues. Sending you some prayers.