Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Joy! I've got Joy for today!

So, Monday and Tuesday were not good days... but guess what??? 
Wednesday was AWESOME!  
I am so very proud of my son...
he had a  really good day at school and then he came home
and did a school project that he really didn't want to do. :)   
Our local Target is getting a Starbucks and doing some remodeling
-- there are a TON of things on clearence.  
Shane got a gift card for Target from Uncle Pete and Aunt Sara-- normally I would of let him choose how to spend his card., but because of his week-- I was reluctant to let him spend it-- I decided that I would get him two pairs of pants that he needed and then a Transformer toy.  
My plan was to not show the toy to Shane until he had a good day and was being respectful.
I thought sure that Shane would be mad that I spent the card without his input-- but I was SO VERY IMPRESSED and PLEASED -- when he was OVERjoyed with my choices!  He took the time to hug and kiss me for about 5 minutes-- saying thank you for making such good choices!    
Yup, I guess there is hope for me and mine.... :) 
I'm not raising these kids for profit...but for JOY!  Simple Joy!

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KDL said...

So glad you got a JOY day. I live for those! I have nominated you for a Liebster award. You can get all the details here:!