Friday, August 26, 2011

Camping and Summertime Life

 So, I guess I need to explain a bit about this camping trip... we do it every year and --we seem to have a need to "do it better" each time. :) There is about 35 or so people that are officially family~ But we always have people come and join us-- we have foster kids, and people who plan to marry one of our crazy members! We are  a hard working bunch.   Often a small comment, or request for help will involve the whole family.
 Our Uncle Bob... who happens to be a builder... (Bob the builder) had a trailer that was wired incorrectly-- Since we were all able,willing and happy-- the guys tipped the trailer on it's side and proceeded to rewire it ... by taking an extension cord apart!  Yup, we are the Get 'er done type of family! :)
I thought it was funny that almost every guy that was with our group came by during the rewiring to give their opinion, and or supervise!
Here are Shane and two other boys enjoying the sand and rocks by one of the fire pits... These boys were dirty from sun up to sun down... we did make them shower... but you couldn't tell.
 This guy being a daredevil on our new tube is our newest members and he fits right in!  He is in the Air force and  will be deployed in a few weeks... Jerry, the kids and I took him and his wife out on our boat... we squeezed as much fun into that boat ride as we possibly could.  Poor guy ended up with some rub marks on his knuckles and his feet.-- But the smile on his face was well worth the discomfort.
 This is my Aunt Sue,-- all week long we had a jokes going about the nuts... we ate them, we put them on the ground, we kicked them around, we fed the squirrels with them... It was all so much fun !
 This is our kitchen area... we have a master cook... Jason, who will let you help... but only if you follow his instructions. :) If you aren't able to help  prepare or cook then you are provided an opportunity to wash dishes or put away things.
We had some REALLY good food camping...  We had people stop by and ask if we were professional campers... I guess you could say we are wanna be professional campers... but we haven't found someone to pay us...yet! :)
 Jessica and Shane on the tubes out in the water... Shane wanted to slow down and Jessica wanted to speed up... (typical siblings)

Yup... there's some more of the guys workin' on the trailer.   People were driving by looking for a campsite, they would stop and ask what was going on... our.."men" were happy enough to explain just... what they were doing! ?

I am happy to report that there was only a few meltdowns... and not all of them were Shane's! :)

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