Friday, August 26, 2011

More camping pictures :)

Just a few of us around the campfire. Yes... we did eat a few....s'mores!
Marty and Shane playing bumper tubes out in the water. Marty said Shane was talking the WHOLE time he was out on the tube... At the end of the day we had Shane in the tube by him self and we were going only 5mph -- it was a no wake zone... we could hear Shane SINGING while in the tube. The fun NEVER stops!
 This is Mandy...we like to call her the boy whisperer.... she loves to help engage all the boys in fun stuff...(She likes the girls also,.,, but since we usually have more boys than girls she seems to do her best "work" with the boys!) she found this blue necked lizard and came over to show Shane... she also loaned out her itouch so that all the boys could take turns playing Angry Birds. Mandy is dating one of our members and we hope there is news of a marriage soon so that she will be OFFICIALLY family! :)
Do you know about the Ladder toss game?  Well... once of our young boys was playing the game and the balls ended up stuck about 40 feet up in the trees... -- Once again we had a "production" to get the balls down... the guys used rope and a crescent wrench...they threw the rope in different ways... they even all talked about the logistics of the task. Finally -- Jake was successful in retrieving the balls. The tree only shed a few limbs and leaves.
Jerry was keeping Shane's interest by using his ...high tech bug killer.
One of our teens caught a fish and we had to measure it -- He was SO proud... he was the only one to catch a decent sized fish all week long!
This is cousin Jannet and her dog... chewie...
Jannet makes our reservations for us and keeps us updated on who is coming on which day-- and who has what site. We even have a few family members that glamor camp -- they stay at a nearby hotel/motel or cabin.  She is also hosting Christmas this year...  Love her!

This is Uncle Bob getting ready to try his hand at getting the balls down... and then in the background Mandy, Jake and Ryan trying to catch that blue necked lizard.

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