Monday, August 15, 2011

Things around here...

I haven't been around this blog lately... sorry...  I have been finding that Facebook is more engaging. I also have found ...thanks to my friend Jasmine... a site called Pinterest... it is SO much fun...
 I am... addicted!
I have also been spending time with the kids... trying to keep them busy -- trying to keep sane while answering all their questions. Man ... do these kids have questions.
Jessica... since she loves to fish so much ...has started measuring everything by the size of her most recent catch.   We had to get her blood drawn and I was explaining to the phelbomist why she has terrible looking veins ,Jessica pops up and says " Yup... I was a preemie and I weighed only 3 pound 4 ounces-- that's smaller than the 5 pound fish I caught out at the pond the other day... I even cleaned and filleted the fish! I like fish."
We could use your prayers... although I (we) knew that there was a possibility that Jessica would need to change her medication ... hearing that from the DR. was not easy.  Her kidneys are not working as well as they should be she is going to be taking a stronger medication. This could be a simple spike that happens about 5 years after the event,... or it could be that her kidneys are slowly shutting down.   Jessica is a STRONG girl and healthy ... with the exeption of this kidney issue... so at this point it's wait... watch and keep her as healthy as possible.
Off to pack for a long camping trip... stay tuned for LOTS of pictures. :)


mommyto4duckies said...

We'll be keeping Jessica in our prayers.'re welcome-isn't pintrest addicting?!!! bwaahhhaahahaa

HennHouse said...

Oh, Stacey! We'll be praying, but you are right, she is SUCH a strong girl!