Sunday, May 1, 2011


My son,Shane who is 8 years old has SPD... he has always had a strong aversion to having anything done to his hair--partly because  he couldn't stand the vibration or the noise near his head. So, we would manage to get a haircut in here or there and it was ALWAYS a scissor cut--.
 I don't know how many stylists tried to tell us that they... "had" to use the clippers. -- you don't have to use the clippers -- what ...pray tell did they do before electricity???? 
So, I had been talking about how Shane was going to get a haircut for the last few days... so that he would be thinking about what reward he wanted if he managed the haircut with a minimal meltdown.  Finally -- it was Saturday and we had already been to the pizza parlor with play area with my Aunt and my Mom...  There was a mom at the Pizza place with twins I think-- that were about 2 -- they were both unhappy --screaming and crying-- I thought maybe it was sensory overload... or maybe plain hunger and exhaustion.? anyway... our pizza came while one of the kids was still screaming and crying while on the floor a few feet away from us. Shane was really... really annoyed at the child for crying... I was trying really hard not to laugh at Shane's reaction to the childs' cries. A few times Shane complained about the crying-- I calmly and quietly explained that he used to cry like that also... and people would look at us and complain-- but that now he was much better at dealing with NOT crying and screaming in public. 
I'm not really sure what changed for Shane... but when we drove over to the barber shop he was pretty okay with the idea of a clipper cut--- and after a TON more of pretalk and explaining that he could NOT get hurt by the clippers.  He decided that YES... he would get the clipper cut!
I was SOOOOOO happy I gave the barber a $10.00 tip!  Then... I promptly took Shane to Walmart for his reward... a TRANSFORMER toy...  yup I spent too much money on this one little event-- however  I have a handsome son who now might... just might believe that clipper cuts are for 8 year old's...!
Oh..... joy.... pure and simple JOY!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome and hilarious all at once Stace! Tell Shane I'm very proud of him for allowing the barber to give him such a great haircut and for being so grown up today. I love you. Me

Flo said...

you handled it just right...The Lord works in mysterious ways..even sending a screaming kid to show your son how it sounds!!! Great!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!