Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just stuff

45 minutes of video game time, really matters to a kiddo who has SPD-- and who made it thru a Friday with no huge behavior issues.--
Sleeping most of the day so that you can work a 12 hour shift is important.
Trying to get your SPD son to leave a house,  when he is distracted by a wrestling ring and a huge punching thing called Nancy--- is really tough.
Being gone fishing all day and not sleeping the night before-- can cause sleep interruption.

No clean undies for my son.... yikes what kinda home do I have for my kids?
time to take a break from stuff... and do some housework and church at home.

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Anonymous said...

Love you Stace! Tell Jerry he ain't gettin' any younger and to be careful. Driving that way is also not a great idea. YES I can hear him now......LOL! Some people have to learn the hard way that we can't always keep doing what we used to do and keep up. Conrad's comments used to be that he did it all the time and it was no sweat. He doesn't really sleep deprive himself any more than he has to now though because he just can't do it and function. Good luck Stace! Me