Sunday, May 15, 2011

just silly random things

every time I open my refrigerator door I see the bottle of apple cider vinegar and I think I should have a glass... ?

I can't remember which side my gas tank is on in my new Tahoe.... so I used my dry erase marker  and I wrote on the clear plastic part of my instrument readout.

I am learning that sometimes giving a direction to Shane... means that he needs to go and cry or whine about it in his room for about 5 minutes... and then he is JUST fine with talking the issue out!  

Sometimes staying home and doing dishes and laundry --all while still in my pj's all DAY is  a good way to show my family that they are what I value.

I found this on the web... I have a friend who LOVES squirrels... I have never seen one sleeping like this!

This is my Jessica about 10 years ago -- she was born at 33 1/3 weeks... 3 pounds 4 ounces and now she is a lovely,sweet still on the thin size -- but mostly  healthy and SMART!

This is Shane as an infant... it's clear that he is not a happy camper...

Look how happy he is now....  I LOVE this picture!

Jessica right after a bath... I think she was singing a nonsense song with her kix cereal...

This is Jerry and the kids... I think this was one of those days that he worked really hard-- 12-13 hours and then I ....requested that he pose for a picture with the kids... those slipper-like things that Shane is wearing were something that  I always wanted Shane to enjoy wearing ... but he took every  chance he had to fling them off... even as an infant the kid had a ...motivated personality! :)

I LOVED this matching outfit of Jessica's --- it seemed like she was never going to be big enough to wear the outfit... now she's so darn long.... I can hardly keep up with what size she is.

These are pictures of my from back when I was 20 something, thin and carefree...
. I had no clue -- I'd like to think I have gotten smarter as I have aged.


KDL said...

Thanks for stopping by The Simple Life earlier. It was good to hear from you. Love seeing these pictures of your kiddos. I'm longing for one of those pj only days. Longing...

Anonymous said...

I think you were always smart but you have learned more with time. ;) Love seeing the photos in timeline. Barbara