Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Waiting for Sunshine

 We have had rainy and super rainy days recently~
It has been a challenge to keep the kids happy and our spirits up-- I know that we live in the Great- "Green" Northwest and that this weather is to be expected... but I'd really like some more sunshine to dry out the ground.
School is almost over with and YET... I feel like it was only last week that we started back to school. This year has been so much better for Shane... his teacher has been really in touch with how best to help Shane-- she uses the same type of plain simple directives as we do... she uses short but clear sentences. If I could clone her I would -- she is a true gem!

I have been helping out at the kids' school this year by being a part of the PTO-- we have our annual carnival coming up and I am already having nightmares about how things will go. Shane and I also have a field trip coming up that will be EPIC... we are going to Wildlife Safari and while there we will get to have some personal time feeding a giraffe
I can't WAIT to take a zillion pictures... oh~ and keep track of the kids... :)

Jessica is going to be VENUS the planet... in her fourth grade play and so we have been making a "planet" listening to her sing the songs... over and over again...  She is still playing her violin -- . In between all that-- she has been knitting.

I have a friend who is learning how to do nails... and so she has been doing my nails... I LOVE them.. but I am still re-learning how to do things with them...

this last time she did them I let her do each one in a different color... I'm going to be advertising for her...


Flo said...

I can't even think of summer there's been so much rain. I heard on Facebook it's suppose to get to 80 tomorrow so maybe my deck furniture can dry out!!

You have beautiful hands/nails!! I'm arthritic so stopped having nails put on. I've tried just manicuring my own but fixing one meal wipes the polish out..heh.

KDL said...

Wish I had a friend who needed to practice doing nails...:-)