Sunday, June 26, 2011

Waiting in public....

I haven't been around lately-- the weather has been too nice to sit at the computer and waste away.
I also still have stuff that I am working on for PTO. ~ and many sewing projects that I should be working on right NOW! :0)

But... I did want to post about something that is near and dear to sensory mama's...
having kids wait with little or no supervision from Mom, in a public place.
Shane is now 8 and Jessica is 10-- I thought that the kids would be able to sit quietly and wait for me to get my hair cut (at a local beauty college for CHEAP! $5.00!)
.--- Shane had the ipod and Jessica had a book.  They stayed where they were supposed to for a while -- and then Jessica had to walk back and use the bathroom -- then shortly thereafter Shane had to come back and find out if I was done yet... This started to bother me ...but then the stylist said it wasn't a big deal.... finally I heard a bunch of the students laughing and talking.... apparently my SPD kiddo was entertaining everyone by "dancin" to the music on the ipod.   Yes, the kids did things I didn't really want them to ... but they were cute and polite... that seemed to really make up for what I might have given a time out for. --- Maybe... Maybe we need to ... as SPD parents let go of our expectations for perfect little kids sitting like robots... and move on to kids that are sweet, fun and entertaining?

Of course, later that day the kids did again test  my patience.... it was grocery day after all-- and it was warm out...    So it wasn't the BEST day ever.... but ... I think that I ....need to let the kids be kids more often.... so that we can all have a better interaction when we are out in public... ?

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Perfect Stace! I love you! Plus learning how to interact appropriately with others in public has to occur somehow. I personally don't like just "existing" just because other people are around. Part of life is interacting with others after all and not just "waiting" like a robot as you mention so I wholeheartedly agree. Their behaviors were so much better than a temper tantrum or the like. I am so proud of you Stace and of your "kids". You all are growing up so fast...LOL! I love you! I hope you guys are having fun camping too and that the weather holds for you. Me