Saturday, April 30, 2011

I've been busy

Dear readers,
I have been neglectful-- I have found that my need to connect with people can be dealt with by using FACEBOOK.   It is quicker than writing a post  (here on blogger)-- and although I sometimes struggle with keeping my posts short and sweet-. I am finding that FB is working for me right now.
 It's not that I don't care- about all the blogs I love to read- it's just that FB is drawing me in with lures of quick fun interaction.
I am also learning how to adjust to spending my Thursday and Fridays taking care of young boys... Just yesterday I was watching a 10month old who is teething- growing and possibly has a ear infection, a 20month old who is stubborn and I would say  developmentally behind-- along with verbally stunted.-- And then I  also watched a two year old that is very small and thin-- with a nice head cold--complete with leaky nose.  Then later in the day we added more kids to the mix- my own  Shane...and 6 year old kinder that has Autism and ADHD-- a fourth grader and a first grader.--Then also there are the three regular dogs-- one cat the chickens in the backyard and the two twin puppies. Then once again we added my Jessica to the group-- also an 18 year old that was somewhat willing to help-- but more interested in searching for a job online!
After I was relieved of my babysitting -- the kids and I went my Aunts' where she feed us dinner- :) - My parents and their dog were there. We ate dinner and then waited for Jerry  who showed up straight from work. My Aunt took us to the pool and hotub for an after dinner swim.... (lovely!) then back to my Aunts' house for some quick dessert... ice cream and then Jerry took the kids home,... They stayed up WAY past their bedtime!  I went to the grocery store -- our cupboards were so bare... we were even out of Top Ramen!
I learned how much patience I don't always have when dealing with other peoples' kids... I also learned that some kids are JUST stubborn-- even if you are going the extra mile to help them FOLLOW the RULES!.
But ... honestly things are going well at our house... the kids seem to be really getting along -- they are showing love to each other without a ton of direction and Jerry and I are very happy. 
 I am a  mostly-- positive person but ... sometimes I hear that little voice in my head saying... don't get to cozy/comfy... changes are a coming...
Stay Tuned for details?   

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Anonymous said...

Stacey you are awesome my friend! I love you! See you on Facebook LOL! Me