Saturday, April 9, 2011

Current events

I haven't been blogging lately-- but I have been learning new and wondrous things~
  • I have learned that when I am feeling down and puny-- I should go to Walmart after 10pm on a Friday night... I will see and hear SO many things that my life will seem like perfection!  I seriously thought about taking pictures to document what "wonders" I saw... but then I didn't think I could explain to the person/character why... exactly I wanted to take their picture.,.. I think my face would show what I was thinking....
  • I have learned that I DO have baby watching skills! I babysat a 6 month old who was teething... and a two year old -- at one point I had both asleep AT THE SAME TIME... of course ~ I then sat down to eat some strawberries and drink a drink-- and read my book-- I then promptly knocked over my drink on about eight of the baby toys! and then... the two year old woke up! But-- it all turned out WELL the two year old was wonderfully sweet about waiting in the pack-in-play until I cleaned up my mess... And although the 6 month old was teething... he didn't cry much... but I rocked him so much I should get an award! :)
  • My daughter is getting older... sheesh... she's only a fourth grader-- but already she is having skin issues... blackheads and such! YIKES ... if you have any suggestions of a brand of product that is for somewhat sensitive skin please.. let me know-- I don't want to hurt her beautiful face!
  • I have learned that sometimes being over protective is a good thing... the Dad of the two year old that I baby sat is  very new to being a DAD so he asked a billion questions-- I was able to calm his fears-- I guess I understand his point of view!
So... anyway that's our current events.. and now it's time to get away from the computer, and either get sewing or get cleaning.... wish me luck! :)


Anonymous said...

I didn't see my message from before so I think something went wrong last time..LOL! I was saying Neutrogena or Cetaphil products for the face are what Miranda was using as directed by her Dermatologist. They seemed to help. Love you Stace! Me

Barbara said...

There are lots of OTC products to try - 1 at a time. I'm sympathetic. Seems meticulous skin care is necessary for many.

Thanks for stopping by my place - I'm doing less blogging than I want, too. Barbara