Sunday, April 3, 2011

We spent the day at the Coast!

Here in Oregon... Eugene that is ... we have been having rainy weather-- which is somewhat common for this area-- but we have also had hail, spots of snow and thunder storms. Even the true natives have been looking for a new more positive weather report.   The kids Jerry and I had not been on a car trip in the new Tahoe yet...  We had two nice days of weather, and I really....really wanted to get away! Finally we decided that we would drive to Florence watch the movie RANGO and then play a bit and then come home.
The drive was GREAT... the  Tahoe is way better at passing cars then I would of thought-- The movie... it was cute & and fun but some of the scenes were predicable and "borrowed" from other movies.

I saw this sign at Mo's -
- I was hoping that the kids
 would take it's message to heart! --

Jerry and the kids
building our Coastal retreat!

I love my Jessica!

Jerry and Jessica... I told Jerry this could be his SENIOR picture... he could use it when he retires! :)
I was JUST teasing!

As seen in the water at Florence.

"enjoying the car ride?"

Shane found a random piece of wood and
 was trying to sand board down the sand dune!

Who are you taking a picture of ???
 The beach... it was LOVELY.... The weather was sunny with a bit of clouds and clear-- not much wind .

Shane did have some moments while we were at the Coast-- his  ears didn't seem to be working very well-- both Jerry and I had to be loud and insistent with Shane.  I realize that he was enjoying the moment and the enviorment -- but his lack of response to our directives was very challenging.

Shane checking the movie poster.

Jessica and the horizon!

Shane showing displeasure at being told we were leaving soon!

Shane reading, nicely and quietly while on the drive!

Still mad at having to leave.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time with the family Stacey! Life and Shane may not be perfect but it looks like you had a perfect day to me...LOL! I love you! Me

Flo said...

Looks like you had a great time with family, Stacey!! Enjoyed the pictures!! Building memories!!