Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Spring Break, thanks to Children's Miracle Network

This Spring Break was going to be a spring break on the cheap, until I recieved an email from the Childrens' Miracle Network people. They had some FREE tickets to the Monster Truck Jam at the new Matthew Knight Arena--.   So~ Jerry the kids and I went to see the monster trucks, we did have some meltdowns-- we had a few moments where mommy wanted to just stamp her foot. But -- it was a good time when we look back at all the pictures.
The consession stand prices were OUTRAGEOUS... a snowcone was $10.00! Cottoncandy was $15.00!  We had to pay for parking which was $10.00!   The flag Shane is holding was $5.00.  We ended up only buying two things of popcorn and surviving on that and gum -- until we left and found cheaper food. (I would of brought snacks and such but outside food and drink was not allowed...)
I have to say... it was more fun than I would of thought-- but I was SO GLAD I had my own ear muffs-- they were the key to me~~ not melting down myself.
We also ran into Jan who was our Birth to Three, Healthy Start parent worker-- we were so excited to see her and share how far the kids have come...she was so pleased to hear that the kids are GREAT readers and that Birth to Three and her input was key in setting our kids up for success!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like alot of fun Stace! I just figured things would never go perfectly whenever we went somewhere so I didn't go without anticipating something could happen! I can't believe those prices. I guess you set a good example for your kids by following the rules but I'm thinking I would probably sneak stuff in just like at the moves. What's the point of free or cheap if everything else is way to expensive. For goodness sake you'd think they would have at least comped the kids or something. Love you Stace and I really like the first picture of you and the kids. Me