Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is the way Spring Break started for us~

Things at our house have been...
  1. sick
  2. busy
  3. emotional
  4. messy
  5. good
  6. getting better?
 Shane went on a field trip and didn't do well at all, he ran from his teacher who -- happens to be pregnant.  He was also disrespectful with an adult in the cafeteria. I had a feeling that he was going to have some issues, but I wasn't expecting to hear that Jessica hit a first grader in the stomach, she also lied to her teacher when asked about it.   This is the first time that Jessica has ever gotten in trouble like this and so I was completly caught by surprise-- I didn't know how to react-- and I really had to think about consequences -- For now Jessica has to write sentences,apology letters, and she isn't allowed to read. She doesn't watch much tv, and she doesn't play video games -- so reading was the only thing I could take away.
Jessica is also sick, she has a fever that comes and goes and a cough-- just like I had-- I guess she wanted what I had-- and I shared!.

All of these things happened the day before the beginning of Spring Break.  I also have been asked to watch three different families kids--- . So I will be bringing a little money home--I plan to use the money to help fill the Tahoes' gas tank. 
I had been praying for some friends that were like minded and able to do things with me in real life- (I really love my blogger friends'-- most of you are too far away to get to gather with and I was in need of some girlfriends' that are true,honest and local!)
- My prayers were answered!  Because of PTO I have connected with a mom of a kiddo that has SPD, I have connected with another mom who is really living a Christian life, I connected with yet another mom who is my age-- and relates to me like a sister.  All of us are enjoying working together and forming friendships.
Between lack of sleep and coughing -- the kids and I are not well enough for church-- I guess we could go, but I would feel terrible if anyone caught this yuck stuff we have.--
On Tuesday I get to meet one of the babies that I will be watching, I hope that this baby is sweet -- I could use some pure sweetness :)
Ah, well... I need to get off the computer and get moving~ I hope our Spring Break improves!

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Anonymous said...

I love you Stace! I am happy you have some new friends and that it is spring break for you all. I hope you all feel better quickly. I am sure that the crud part is why the kids are acting up as well as a bit of spring fever perhaps. AND don't forget this is now mold/allergy time and that will also make spd kids a bit edgier if susceptible to allergies as well. Kids gotta keep throwing you curves too. Every time you think you are getting things pegged down there's something new...LOL! I love you and hope you feel way better really fast and hope that watching the other kiddos goes smoothly. Me