Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've been BUSY....

I haven't been around here lately... I've been chairing our school Scholastic Book fair...

We are finally finished ... ah, joy!  I had some great mom's who came to help and just did the things that needed to be done... and to be honest I had two people who came just to get away from home-- those two happened to want to stir the pot  of negativity again and again. 
I don't like to talk bad about people--but I figure if I can say it to their face then I can mention it here.  I had some really awesome workers who kept me from losing my sanity... with their humor, their attention to detail, and their funny statements.
 I have a mallet in my car, and I know how to use it! haha -
- I did a much better job of delegating tasks, and then some things I decided not to do... With the exception of two people, who shall remain nameless--- I got great comments from the teachers and staff. 
I am however SO glad that we are DONE... I still have to do some paperwork-- and I need to order books for our teachers but ... most of the "stuff" is done.   We didn't make as much as we did last year-- but I think that our community is really struggling, gas prices are astronomical-- some of our teachers have received pink slips-- and things aren't the best.-- 
My motivation was never the amount of money made... it was books into kids hands... and not a lot of drama-- I would say that we did that .... well mostly! :)

One night I had the kids stay at a friends' house while I was working the book fair, I didn't see my kids until it was bedtime... poor Jessica almost cried when she saw me... Shane was extra rambuncious....
Yesterday -- he got a level 3 at school... his first for the year--because he kicked another student in the chins for revenge... from the day before when they were being baby sat. 
I had a feeling that this was going to be a tough two weeks or so ... and it was -- But I am glad that the kids realized how much they missed me....I think they are SO used to me being around that it was good to show them what it is like when I am away.
I should be cleaning and organizing-- but I am just taking today to rest and re-group.
I want to get to some sewing and cooking some good food, but for now -- I'm just sitting here collecting DUST!

It's only water... but I was SO done at this moment  :)
 Oh, and I met another mom -- who's son also has SPD... we got to compare stories about our kiddo's what Joy that was... she is a really involved mom and I think we are going to be GREAT friends! yahoo!


Anonymous said...

Stace I love you! You are amazing and funny and I miss you too! I knew you could do it. I'm glad you are feeling better to. Let me know when we can "dust" you off my friend. Me

Childlife said...

Wow, Stacey -- looks like a ton of work! Glad you survived :)

Sounds like your day of "dust collecting" was well earned ;)