Thursday, February 10, 2011

Very random thoughts

I like to read many different types of books-- right now I am reading Westerns.-- I used to think Westerns were So boring and for ... "old men".--
 I was wrong I found out that I enjoy reading about how even the bad guys had a "code of conduct".
 It got me to thinking ...America was born from people helping each other-- when they could,  how they could--. When someone had more than the rest, a lot of peer pressure was a  huge motivator to get that person to help the needy. I like helping people when I can-- but I don't give till it hurts--.

I wonder if our current issues with funding schools,and other ESSENTIAL services are all because we believe that "someone" will step in and help.   I wonder if it's not just about changing how the money is divided-- or how much there is -- but maybe it's about people giving just because it's the cool thing to do. Maybe it's about people not wanting to buy the new camera, the new phone, the new computer-- but instead give that money to the schools?

Our kids can't compete in this global economy if they don't have the education they need.--It seems like we are putting our kids on a path to mediocrity.   I for one do NOT want my kids to accept that this is "normal".

We as a community need to step up and say yes, education is important and part of that is giving when it hurts -- so that one day our kids will be strong,smart and able to give back to us.

Our kids don't have advertising funds -- they shouldn't have to advertise that they need HELP, they shouldn't have to beg for donations-- their focus should only be ... doing their best.

Most of the teachers I know WANT to do their best --but so often they are restricted from doing their best ...simply because of funding and regulations.
Come on,  people--- let's learn to be flexible about what we CAN DO to help...  

So, anyway just random thoughts.  I hate watching the news and seeing all the stories about school funding .

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Bethany said...

This is something that resonates with me in many ways. I get so frustrated hearing the wealthy "stars" asking for us to donate to this cause or that when you know that they have millions of dollars that could be used for good that is being tossed away on mansions, fast cars, designer clothes, and a champagne lifestyle. How can any of us say we care about things like education, poverty, orphans, human rights unless we give until we feel it, until it hurts and is personal? I totally agree with you. Especially as a former teacher, I used my own money to supplement my classrooms because the budget was not there and SPED was lowest on the rankings for receiving funds. I found private grants and used a portion of every paycheck because making sure my kids got the best education I could give them was worth more to me than turning a profit. Then again, our entire society seems to have its priorities all out of line.