Thursday, February 3, 2011


This morning I did a good deed, I drove my teenage neighbor to school. I didn't do the good deed for recognition-- I did it because she asked nicely and I was available. I don't like being late, and I don't like being in a hurry-- so I tend to follow the speed limit pretty closely.
Apparently, that is not the normal for the roads I was on this morning.
 It got me to thinking, do I as a believer in the LORD, have a different view of life than someone who doesn't?   I try to live my life in such a way that I feel the Lord, is pleased with me-- I'm not a goody-- goody I do make mistakes-- but I also know what to do when I make mistakes. 
My point is this-- do I move at a different pace, because I know that when I pass I'll be with the LORD?-- Do other people--- hurry so much because they are simply afraid that if  they don't hurry then --what? What happens if they don't hurry?

This morning Shane ran into the school with his backpack on,  and because that is against the rules-- I went into the school walked him back out to the car and then had him walk back into school. He gave me quite a bit of attitude-- he was walking super slow and complaining. So, when I FINALLY got him to the classroom he was still angry. Then he neglected to have me sign a permission slip -- and of course it was my problem-- because I didn't ask to see the permission slip. His teacher was very quick to back me up to tell Shane that --he is the one who needs to bring the permission slip to me... not me ask for something that I didn't know he had!  I know that part of his behavior was from his cold that he is fighting, but I also know that he knows better.-- So~ I guess we will find out who is more stubborn. :)  I love that his teacher and I are both on the same page. Yipppeeeeee !


HennHouse said...

Love this post, Stacey.

Anonymous said...

Stace I love that you think about these things. AWESOME! Every moment should be God's and people forget that. Even when you are late. So many people don't remember to see each moment as a chance to appreciate a connection to God and that includes whatever you are doing even on your way to work or school. Doing the right thing even if it means in order to correct a mistake or having done the wrong thing is a great lesson too. Doing the right thing even though it seems no one will notice or are not doing the right thing themselves knowing you may be scrutinized for it is sometimes hard to do but your children will see that in you. Plus you know you will have to live with it in the long run. Remembering to pay attention at each of these moments to hear God calling you is so very hard. I wish more people would listen to each of those moments but many forget. I am trying to practice all the time to hear and see what it is that I should be doing and it has enriched my life so very much. Thank you for being part of mine Stace! I love you. You don't have to be perfect you just have to be you! Me