Saturday, February 19, 2011

I might just be Getting Healthier?

I have been sick, but I think that I may be getting healthier. Praise the LORD!
This sickness has really made things difficult. I had to stay home, and when I picked up the kids I just waited in the car for them-- normally I go and talk with all the other parents and teachers.

This week I have many things planned, Monday is a no school day-- Tuesday is the arrival of our Scholastic Book Fair products-- of which I am in charge... yikes! The theme is Carnival, ticket to read.
Jessica also has her first Strings concert on Monday evening. Then on Wednesday, Jessica will be performing with her fellow cheerleaders at school during an assembly. I have been battling with this sickness for a while now and I hope and I pray~ that I am able to do all the things I want to.

People from our PTO have been calling to see how I am feeling-- I think they were almost ready to not let me come to school to do my job! I explained that I am not contagious-- and that I can at least tell people what to do. So, for now I will be wearing a mask to calm any fears -- and sitting with the clipboard --directing people!   I was thinking of putting a sign on my mask, not contagious, just cautious!

I feel so far behind, last night I woke up at about 2am and I couldn't go back to sleep-- so I turned on the computer and made my two page list of things that need to be done to set up book fair.

I watched Oprah yesterday, and it was a show about a young boy who has sensory integration disorder, and 4 other mental illnesses --- he was a very severe case and although my heart went out to the mom-- I was annoyed with how she talked about her son.

The conversation kept going back to the light, the dark ~ and the good energy and the bad...-- I agree that we have HAVE to be positive when dealing with our kids, but I think that she is missing the part about OT-- I think she is missing the point that these kids have sensory NEEDS--.

My son Shane does have SPD ...but he in my opinion does NOT have a mental illness-- He is not SICK, he just experiences life differently than you or I-- because he is more sensitive.

I want to start sewing on my pillow but this sickness has drained all my extra energy. 
I want to sew Jessica's Easter dress but-- that may not happen.
Instead I sit and try to rest -- so that I can start feeling a bit normal again.
My Aunt wants me to get better so that I can walk with her.

Here's my directive for today.... REST ... and RECOVER!

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Anonymous said...

Stace I love you. I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better. Hang in there. I wanted to click "like" LOL! Keep up the resting/recovery thing and don't push yourself. Me