Friday, January 14, 2011

Lessons that I have been learning!

I have been learning lessons... left and right. :)
I have always thought that if you have a family connection with someone then-- you relate to them in that correct relationship title.   If I have a cousin I have a cousin type of relationship--  I am now learning that this is wrong. And that I can have a relationship with someone that doesn't match the name... or title of the official relationship.  I am also finding out that I can have a relationship with non-family members that fill a need for a family relationship.   I'd like to know why it took me till I was 40 to figure that out!
It's been kinda busy around her lately and it seems that, will be status quo for a while.
I am currently fighting off a cold that gave me the ability to cough often and in fits of agony, it also left me without a voice, -- Oh-- what Joy.   I blame my recent visits to the Dr.'s office... I was not sick with a cold until I went to that germ factory !

Shane and Jessica are home from school today, because it is a furlough day-- I had asked them to let me sleep in ... they tried-- but alas I woke up at my regular time!  I stumbled to the coffee pot and then back to bed-- finally the coffee was ready and I made myself a cup and camped out on my bed to wait for the coffee to work. After a while I felt motivated to check emails, and of course Facebook. 
Shane loves to be helpful and so I had him turn on the computer and get me on-line...  I walked in and set my coffee cup down -- the next thing I know Shane is trying to show me a penny he found and then-- the coffee cup spilled all over Shane from his chest to his knees!  It was amazing to see how calm he was about being wet and sticky... What progress he has made!    I sent him off to shower and I cleaned up my coffee.  Later he asked Jessica to play hairdresser and comb his hair... she was happy to do this-- the final look was "Just like Justin Beiber except naked"--- (Shane loves to be and say the word naked--- although when he said this he was in his underwear.)   A while later the kids were "playing" and Jessica scratched and pinched Shane on his side---
 I took some time and medicated the scratch and then when I saw how deep it was I requested that Jessica write an apology letter.
This is what she wrote    "Dear Shane, I am sorry for giving you a bobo. And yes I will play video games with you.As soon as I give you this letter I hope we can play video games.  With dearest apology Jessica!"

I am so impressed with both of the kids, not only did Shane graciously accept the apology letter but he was very sweet when they played the video games-- he and Jessica are still playing together and they are taking turns-- and sharing... WOWOWWWW. I am so very happy!

Next week the school board is having a final public meeting to talk about the funding short falls for our district and I am planning on going and getting up and speaking. I am a bit nervous but I am feeling like this is a thing I should do.

I also have the Scholastic book fair coming up and so I am going to be busy planning and begging for volunteers-- I hope that I can do a good job of being motivating and encouraging.

One of the teachers at our church also asked if I would be willing to teach a Sunday School class... they already have a great curriculum but they need an adult to teach the class and keep the kids on task. I feel honored that they asked~ but a bit nervous that I won't be as skilled as they think I am. prayer, Lot's of prayer.

In late February, Jessica will be performing (playing her violin) as apart of her first Strings Concert.-- I am proud,excited and nervous for her--. note to self: remind her to practice every day. :)

Meanwhile I have been walking,every other day or so- with Aunt to try and get fit. I am also working on a rag quilt that I have created from scraps-- I don't think it's going to turn out like my original idea-- but I want to get it done. 
Jessica has been a crocheting machine.-- I think every skein of yarn she has, is part of a project that she has started!  Shane has been spending time with Jerry working on his cars that he made with the Erector set -- It is lovely to see Shane tell Jerry his plans-- and then Jerry show him how to implement those plans.

Yikes, I just noticed it's time for lunch-- I must go and feed the kids-- and myself!

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. day.


Anonymous said...

Neener neener neener Staceeeeyyyyyy!!!! I love you. BTW what age group for the sunday school class? That helps me decide if I should say yes or no. I tried to do middle schoolers once.......hahahaha! Younger or older are better for me I must say. Me

Anonymous said...

Well, we can't learn it ALL before 40, can we?

WOW - your children are impressive! Good job getting them this far!

Hope your weekend is great, too, and your cold goes away! Barbara

Kristi said...

I love that note of apology. Noah writes those too.

Hope you feel better soon

HennHouse said...

You're doing a GREAT job. And I'm so impressed that you are wiling to keep learning... that you haven't shut yourself off to the possibility that there are still lessons for you.