Sunday, January 9, 2011

My weekend with the Moore Family

 Shane got some clothes from his cousins' -- he really liked the suit jacket... but without a shirt-- and the elastic waisted "race car" pants.  Clearly, Shane is all about how the clothes FEEL on his body!
This is the ONLY picture I have of me and the Princess Georgia Peach-- She loves to sit in her Mama or Dada's lap-- and even Grandpa Hutch's lap--
 but not so much for Aunt Stacey.... alas I am not the Aunt Baby Whisper-er~

Miles was overdone-- it had been a really long day with a lot of people and exciting things, we were trying to see if he would conk out for a "refreshing nap" -- ya.,.. that didn't happen. But it was nice to spend a few moments alone with Miles-- he is sure smart and sweet!

I wanted to have a picture of my brother with his wife and kids -- with my husband and kids-- It was  hard to get everyone smiling all at the same time... -- shortly after this picture I had a coughing fit... I must of swallowed a rock... or a chunk of heavy air..

See... here is that Sweet Georgia peach sitting with Grandpa Hutch and right next to him is my cousin Jannet... she is the un-official organizer and motivator in our family.
Here is Sara, minus a baby on her lap... my cousin Jenn... and Jannet-- from seeing the look on their faces, I bet that they just had a super funny conversation--

Jannet forgot her black shoes and so she wore her slippers the whole day-- I thought that was AWESOME!

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Anonymous said...

Good family photos Stace! Looks like it went over pretty well without alot of fuss! How was the wine????? LOL! Love you. Me