Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can I get an AMEN?


Church was GREAT today....
I saw a friend and missionary Sally who is home from China... trying to fill her spirit with some positive love.
Shane had a GREAT interaction with one of the ladies who leads worship at church-- It was lovely to see him initiate a hug with this lady, and then have a short conversation with her that was positive and complementary.... WOW...  seriously this was SO AWESOME... I almost had tears in my eyes.
So, often we go to church and I pray that he will see other adults and kids interacting and he will learn some of those social cues that aren't so black and white.... Today-- I saw HOPE... I saw Shane getting the love and fellowship part of church! yipppeeeee ...
Jessica has been hooked on reading about Greek Mythology and Shane is interested also-- so on the way to church-- Shane was doubting that GOD was -- all the things HE is ... and I was trying to explain that our GOD performs miracles everyday... but that we don't see -- if we don't believe.  I imagine that I will have to have many more conversations about this topic ... but it was great to see that at least for today-- he gained a new appreciation for why church is GOOD for us. 

Simply put.... GOD is GREAT, even better than a cup of coffee on a cold rainy day!

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HennHouse said...

Awesome post, Stacey. Love it.