Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Moving slower than I would like

So these are my shoes...very cute and comfy--
 but by the end of the night...(3am) err morning my feet were complaining!

I had a wardrobe malfunction-- so we stopped by Walmart all dressed up to purchase some new better fitting nylons... we ran into people Jerry knew from high school. I never did put the new nylons on-- silly me.

Jerry took this picture of me in my dress, while my feet were complaining... 
 He loves me no matter what-- but he forget to tell me to cover my bra and SMILE... ah-- well...

After the Chrismas party, and then Walmart we went to karaoke...
Jerry sang a song that was not for all audiences...
but the crowd of 21somethings liked it.

I went to my Dr. -- and complained that I'm too young to be feeling like I am ... she gave me some more medication., Then in three weeks she wants to see me again.. She noticed that I was ... a bit amped up-- I really, really want to be doing WAY more than I am but my body is moving at a MUCH slower pace
I just wanna:
Break on Through to the other side

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Anonymous said...

I recognize that song...LOL! I can't believe you wore those shoes girl! I think they'd hurt me. Love you. Me