Friday, December 17, 2010

It has only been a week

It feels like a month has gone by-- but it has only been a week.  :)
I have been spending my time, in prayer for the HennHouse, dealing with Shane home with a weird sickness, trying to get all the 50 Christmas cards addressed and in the mail,watching our own Oregon Ducks -- On the Rocks performing on the Sing-Off, Jerry is finally done this month with working nights,[yahoo] then today was the last day of school for the kids, and it  was our Santa shopping day.  I think we purchased enough things for the kids to have a lovely Christmas, Jerry already found his Christmas gift and then later this weekend Jerry will take Jessica soon to get mine. (I already took Jessica pre-shopping for what I want)
 :) You gotta love having a daughter that is old enough to help with the gift giving for her mama.
Shane came home with a card, he had drawn his version of the Polar Express on the front and then on the inside he had typed this poem that his teacher found:
Now, That It's Christmas
now that it's Christmas
I really have to say
Thank You Mom and Dad for all you do
In your quiet efficient way

I don't know how I'd cope
without you by my side
I know that life would be
a very bumpy ride

As the seasons come and go
And Christmas time arrives
It takes the festive season
to make me realize

I do not take the time to say
I appreciate all you do
So a very Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad
And lots of love to you
Love, Shane

I cried, lots of tears reading this... it was such a lovely present.
It seems that we are starting a tradition of having either clam chowder,lasagna or spaghetti on Friday nights--it's such a treat to have something to share in, that is just the four of us. It feels really nice to just be together-- we don't have to spend money or do stuff, but the conversation and the laughter that makes it all so special.
I made a trip to the library and I am in the middle of a FUN book... it's called "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. oh, my gosh~ I have laughed out loud quite a few times while reading this book-- and boy it feels good to read something that is so witty and interesting.

Sometimes, I forget that Shane has SPD,(because his meltdowns are now "normal" and I have learned how to manage them-- to some extent)  but then we have those mornings when his socks aren't just right-- and we spend 10-20minutes finding just the right pair-- even if the color is different I am just happy to have his feet in the socks.  I went looking for that brand of socks that he likes best... It was a three store trip-- two Walmarts and then I remembered--  Ah, yes Target-- they have the black socks, size medium, Champion brand, a crew sock. I was SO happy that my local Target had what I needed. Socks may not be important to other kids but to Shane... they are key to how the day might turn out.

The kids are happy to be staying up later than usual to watch the Christmas programing -- tonight :
Yes,  Virginia there is a Santa Claus(cartoon version) and Frosty the Snowman...Frosty Returns--
 although I am glad
that the kids get to enjoy these classics--
I hope that letting them stay up late- won't cause issues tomorrow morning. :) (I know fat chance~ huh...)

There are many , many blogs in my list that I haven't been reading -- because I haven't the time-- how do people--err mom's -- manage to have the time to post so much so often?  I confess most of the blogs I read are all about sewing,crafting and creating.-- Maybe if I don't read all the posts-- I won't be led to create every single thing I see...  ahem.  I need to find a way to be selective about what I wish to create.


Anonymous said...

Sweet poem from Shane's card though what made me cry reading this was your dinner tradition on Friday nights and how much you enjoy your time together. The sock thing cured me right away as I recall all the sock memories with my own kids. I love you Stace and maybe I'll get to see you some evening now that Jerry is back to days for awhile. I love you. Me

TherExtras said...

This was one of those perfect posts, Stacey. Everything important and worthwhile. Also loved the previous posts - esp the photos.

Merry Christmas! Barbara