Thursday, December 9, 2010

Odds and Ends.

Last Sunday at church, we were singing the last song-- It happened to be a song called We Will Remember-- There was this young good looking man who got up and started running (yes he was really running ) around the sanctuary-- with his hands raised in praise.-- It was SO AWESOME... I found out his name is Andy... I heart Andy!  He was motivated and inspired to show HUGE praise for our LORD and gee-- it gave me goose bumps! .

Jessica is only in fourth grade, and yet she has decided that she is going to read Little Women.
Shane is in second grade and he is knee deep in the 39 clues series.

I am nervous about the future... are there enough books in the world for them to read? Will I be able to keep up with all the things they read??? Should I start looking for a tutor-- for me?

Tomorrow night, Jerry and I are going out on a DATE without the kids!!!! His work is having a Christmas party... I am hoping that I can find some cute shoes and maybe a dress to wear -- so I look like a REAL grown- up. I really want to try to wear some fake eyelashes... 

Last night the weather was very strange, we had a couple times when the rain turned into hail... and it hailed SO much that the yard and street were almost all white.... It was SO loud I was nervous that the hail might just break through the skylight!

I have been feeling yucky-- not sick just dealing with female stuff... and so I am not very motivated to be doing much. I am going to go see the DR after the new year and seek some answers?!

This weekend we have grocery shopping to do, either cutting a tree or buying one, a book fair at Barnes & Noble, movie night for me with my sister-in-law Danni... and church and then.... school.  I hope I can keep up my energy and keep faking the happy face.

And now I leave you with a funny fish video....

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying lovely family moments of Joy and Peace of the Season!


Anonymous said...

Hey what movie are you guys seeing???? When are you going? I also tried viewing your funny fish video but apparently you have to subscribe to that guys channel to see his vids. Poo! I love you Stace. I want to see a pic of you dressed up tomorrow night especially with false eyelashes...LOL! I love you. Have fun. Me

HennHouse said...

So busy... sounds like you need a bubble bath!!

Anonymous said...

Well, you are on your date as I write this! I hope you found what you wanted in clothes and went feeling 'adult'. And I hope you have lots of fun! Barbara