Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recent Family Pictures~

Recently we had a dear family friend take our family pictures-- we ended up with like 88 pictures!
not all of them are my favorites-- but they really show our individual personalities!
This is one that makes me laugh... There is a big spider that is right in front of Shane's nose... I told the kids to eat the spider and then our photographer snapped the picture! 
 After this picture the photographer took a hold of the web, to remove the spider and then freaked out because the spider tried to climb back up the web!
Shane promptly stomped on the spider and it was no more.
Jerry is looking ...oh, so casual in the background--

This is one of my favorites.... plus I like the editing that was done.

Yup, this is us... the Harris Family
a little goofy but
  I love 'em-- each and every one!


HennHouse said...

You all look GREAT!

Kristi said...

Those are great. I love outside photo shoots.