Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Halloween..

Jerry said he was a Ninja pumpkin...Shane was Batman, and Jessica was little RED riding hood.

Our Halloween was WAY better than I expected, we had LOVELY weather, no real rain and only a bit of sprinkles...
The kids completely filled their buckets, both of the kids even got a coupon for one free no-homework day! (We happened to trick or treat at the school secretary's house!)
The kids got a few small toys and some bookmarks, they were more excited to read the bookmarks and check out the toys-- than really look at the candy.
 Shane did have a small issue... he kept breaking the candy bars--- finally we got him to explain why-- "On the commerical for the (Jessica says kitty Kat's) no, it was the KIT KAT, they break the candy bar"   It took about 10 minutes to explain that you only break the KIT KAT right before you eat them-- This child of mine is all about the details.

Monday morning came way too quickly-- We got the kids to school and then went to an appointment for Jerry and then WALMART-- where we saw a woman with a skirt on... the slit was so high I could see her naked, pantyhosed butt! Jerry almost took her picture with his phone, but he was afraid that she might turn around and smack him into next week.  She wasn't small, or pretty so I was a bit worried about Jerry's well-being also.

Then on the way home we got a call from the school, Shane had puked. He's home now, and fine -- he just needed to get whatever it was out of his system.  Tomorrow he will have to miss out on the field trip- :(
- but Jerry needs to go and help chaperon..
Shane keeps talking about how his ...AP is done... (Auto Puking).

 I guess I will be home with Shane tomorrow... at least he's not grumpy or whiny...


Anonymous said...

Haha love it! I love you and the fam too Stace! So why does Shane have to miss out on the field trip? Love you. Me

Brandie said...

Jerry should have taken a pic and posted it to !!

Kristi said...

That's so fun getting a no homework coupon. I hope Shane feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your posts, Stacey.

(Your family photos are beautiful!)

Glad your family had a nice Halloween. Barbara