Sunday, October 31, 2010


Not my favorite holiday-- when I was a tween I got bullied and my candy taken a few times--
I enjoy making and seeing the costumes-- but the whole idea of taking the kids to strangers houses and asking for candy?  Seems VERY odd to me.

Yesterday -- the weather was a bit dry... and so Jerry the kids and I got to together with a friend I know who takes LOVELY pictures and we spent an hour trying to get some good family pictures.   If I ever decide to do this again... I plan on having a drink or two before -- I was WAY TOO picky about things...
  • Jerry was great he kept smiling no matter what-- I guess he was really happy to just be with me and the kids. Since he works so often his time with us is at a premium.
  • Jessica-- she just LOVES to smile and as long as Shane didn't mess with her she smiled-- most times very nicely... although I think there are a few of her with her tongue sticking out!
  • Me... well-- since it was my idea to go through this... "ordeal" I was very obsessed with getting everyone to look their best...  I had a hard time enjoying the experience.... Our photographer is a mom herself and so she was doing her best to help me -- have fun and NOT focus on the details. Near the end she suggested that we throw leaves in the air and see if we could get a fun picture--- the kids really enjoyed throwing leaves on me... and I also got a small slug on my shoulder-- oh.....JOY!  Hopefully -- I will get to share a picture of this really HUGE spider that was suspended from a tree-- I told Jessica and Shane to pretend to eat the spider-- I think there will be a fun picture of the kids and I attempting to eat the spider!
  • Shane-- humm... this event was a HUGE challenge for him-- I brought the ipod in hopes that he would turn it up loud and while we were posing he would react to the music-- and thus-- get some great smiles.  ya-- it didn't really happen -- we had to hide the ipod out of the camera's view and in doing so -- we couldn't hear the music. Shane was so focused on the ipod-- that he didn't want to look up-- and then he only wanted to smile like a jack-o-lantern.  
I have been busy this week, running errands and doing things at the school-- so the kids and I stayed home from church so that I could get some of the housework caught up.  I love going to church-- but it does seem to take up so much of my day. Jerry and his brother went fishing today-- and later when they get home Jerry will take the kids trick or treating. I haven't decided if I am going with Jerry and the kids or not... picture taking might be fun--. I don't know~

Monday -Jerry has a Dr. appointment, Tuesday Jessica has violin, Jerry and I will be on a field trip with Shane~climbing trees at some local parks...Wednesday I have PT, Jerry goes back to work nights. Thursday both the kids have parent-teacher conferences. 
  Busy, Busy week ahead.

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