Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Wedding, way back when... at the courthouse

Since you asked...
here is the short story-- because it is a rather short one... ahem...
Jerry and I had been dating for about 3 years--
 we had purchased our house and
 as soon as we both had our respective debts paid off
we were planning on getting married..
(we were trying to be sensible...)
then we found out we were a word yikes!
So, we made a quick plan ~called a few people and got married at the Court House.
I only have a few pictures-- this is the only one I can  find right now.
My dress was found at WARDS or SEARS on the clearance rack...
 my mom really knows how to shop for a bargain!
My flowers were from Albertsons'--
Our step son Brandon and my best friend Terry signed the certificate.
My parents came, Jerry's parents came (but stood apart from each other~they are divorced), My grandmother and grandfather came, and my brother in law Rick came.
 My sister in law Danni would of came but she was busy running a day care.
We did the "ceremony" near a room -- it's name The Harris Room!
our last name... Harris!
When we went to sign the certificate I noticed that my name was spelled wrong - they corrected the spelling and then they got the day of the week wrong--
Jerry and I didn't have the heart to have the certificate changed again.... so we left it as it is...
And because of that ...we celebrate for three days--
 which is great for me ... because I ALWAYS forget which day exactly we were married on!
November 21st, 2000
It wasn't the wedding I had always dreamed of ... but our marriage has had some dreamy parts.
One day in the future, we want to renew our vows at church -
- but I want to be thinner, and I want to really plan it so that it's fun, and memorable.


HennHouse said...


Do you have more photos?!

I think you should tell the whole story... how you met... how he proposed... etc...

And you look beautiful!

Flo said...

bob's sister had a huge wedding on their 25th anniversary..white dress/veil it's never too late I guess right? I think she was in her 40's.

Bob's my 4th...1st wedding was small..but the virginal white was earned that I wore..I was innocent and rather dumb. 2nd wedding was just him and me with our kids..lasted six months..3rd was a large wedding of over 250 people..dress was made for me in burgundy/nice hat..lasted 19yrs..when I married bob we had 88 the rack dress, but nice...I'm experienced at Bob's my keeper tho!
The Lord is patient and kind!!!

You were a beautiful bride!! As I was writing this..I saw a series of a very messed up foot..hahaha