Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pardon me while I rant a bit....

My children are my treasure-- without them I would not be the person I am -- they have taught me many lessons-- I have tried to teach them many more lessons. But I know that I cannot be all things to all people. Therefore, my kids attend public school. Their school has some magnificent educators.
The job they are doing gets harder each year, they have to teach more students with less resources and still achieve high scores onstandardized tests.
Just this evening I listened to the school superinedent's recommendations about how to manage HUGE budget shortfalls.  I listened and I wanted to cry and scream--
 It makes me sick to my stomach about all of the complaints about society today-- how is limiting the educations of our kids, going to produce a better,smarter child (adult) ?????
We all want a better world to be apart of,
 we all want to be seen as special and as someone that matters...
Then why, can't we invest in education that would surely.... in turn invest in our future?
No one seems to have any money for any extras-(and some are so out of resources that it makes me sick)- but I notice that gas prices continue to go up and up.
It's hard to get the (special education) services for our children to be their best-- it's hard to get a real person on the phone when you call a help line, it's hard to see the homeless on the street, it's hard to raise kids with high standards, when all around them they see reality TV Stars getting big paydays for ...pardon the wording-- but crap. Seniors aren't getting the things they need,it doesn't seem like anyone is really happy with their lot in life.
Are our expectations TOO high? Or are we missing something?
  It is really, really hard to stay positive in our current society. I understand that our world is so diverse that it's hard to come to a decision about what is best-- but I would think that EVERYONE wants better for our kids?
 Then, why is it SO hard to invest in them?
 I believe, we do need to use our money wisely-- but if we consistently give our school districts -- and schools LESS, then how can we expect students that are BETTER?
It doesn't seem like we can squeeze anymore money out of the community.
So, where is all our hard earned money going?  to buy cheap crap from CHINA?
I love America, I love that we have choices and the ability to voice our opinions-- but something needs to radically change. 
People want to earn money to pay their bills-- why not 
START BY making the education system what it should be with all the bells and whistles--
 by hiring people and paying them a healthy wage
if we have people who want to work, showing our kids how to work, to be healthy, to be considerate,to be responsible-- wouldn't those things in turn EQUAL a better community?
 How often do we hear about the need for parents to be better at investing in their children? How often do we get annoyed that teenagers and 20somethings have disrespect for adults and authority? Wouldn't more one on one time with dedicated people help teach these people how to live with higher morals?
I love to watch TV,(very often for entertainment) but when I see Bristol Palin,on Dancing with the STARS-- I get really upset-- she is a famous daughter who had a baby while a teen-- and yet we "society" are rewarding her with MORE than her "15minutes of fame" .

I wasn't a young mom, when I got pregnant-- and my husband and I did take parenting classes, I have stayed home to be there for the kids when they need a parent. We go to church, we try to expose our kids to many different things that are positive and healthy. My husband and I have made hard choices just to hopefully benefit our children.
We are trying our best to do what we can to help our kids be their best-- why are we as a community, a society, giving SO MUCH OF our money to gas companies, why are we paying our sports stars SO much money, Why is CHINA making inferior products and then we still buy their poorly made products? 
If every child had the support, (teachers,mentors,parents--community)
they needed to succeed-- then~ what an amazing society we could have~! 
I have dear friends who homeschool their childeren and I think they are AMAZING(and that's only one word describing how AWESOME they are) ... but do we really want all of our children taught at home? There are some parents that NEED the support and guidence of a school setting,  for they are clearly not skilled at being a contributing member of society-- .
Please...consider these words~
Review of The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz:
"The core behind what Fritz teaches is that human behavior, like physics, flows along the path of least resistance. Just as water flows through a river along its path of least resistance, so does human energy. Though the path of least resistance can carry you in unruly directions – as it so often does – it can empower you to effortlessly flow towards your goals."

Our power is our money and our energy--
 let's put our money,and energy to work -- in EDUCATION!


Anonymous said...

amen :-)

Kathleen said...

Well said! You go, girl.