Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parenthood and other random things

Parenthood - Episode Guide - If This Boat Is A Rockin' - NBC.com
Did you watch Parenthood tonight? It was very dramatic... although hitting a another person isn't right-- using that "r" word was WAY worse, not to mention not knowing how to count in the 10 items only lane.

I wish that rain drops were funding for the teachers that work SO hard for our kids. We had a PTO meeting and there just wasn't enough $$ to go around. There were some GREAT teachers that took time out of their day to come to the meeting, but surprisingly there were teachers that submitted a proposal but didn't come to the meeting. The whole thing just makes me sad, our PTO works hard to get funding and donations for the things the kids need, the teachers are reluctant to come and ask for what they need and deserve.

It's not FAIR.
The kids are off on Thursday and Friday, it's grocery day on Friday-- .
I hope I can manage to keep the kids busy-- library here we come!
I am working on sewing this really great cape for the P.E. teachers' daughter-- and it's really starting to look lovely! It seems like people are interested in my sewing skills and it's nice to get compliments for something that I really enjoy anyway.
Every once in a while I think maybe, I should try to find people to pay me for sewing projects-- and then the analytical part of my brain says... nope... you aren't skilled enough.

The weather has changed to cold,rainy and windy...
The leaves are falling.. but the rain is making them slippery...
ah, well-- I guess it's time for some sleep... night night everyone... :)


Carrie - LittleLlamas said...

well, I think your random happenings are great. looks like you have a great family and a fun life!

Anonymous said...

I thought Parenthood was amazing last night. Those first 5 mins - took some deep breaths and was pretty sure I'd do the same thing. It's quite a show.