Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Things have been really good at our house... 
We have had moments that weren't our best--
(Monday morning wasn't good, but by 10amish... things were all better!)
 Meltdowns don't seem to be as emotionally draining-- or exhausting....  I keep thinking that this is the calm before the storm.... but then I think-- no... the storm WILL NOT COME.  I am really working on only focusing on the positive.
Normally, Shane has a point card and he gets points every few minutes for good behavior-- when he miss behaves he gets a red point which cancels out a green point.  He tries each day for a certain amount of green points... if he gets what he is trying for ... he gets his reward. Yesterday, his teacher forgot about the point card,  oops,  and so she and Shane decided to skip it for that day.  There was part of the day when Shane was out of line... the teacher had him go and put his behavior card to yellow-- he did and then shortly after he was asked to put the card back at green.  HE IS LEARNING.... and I am SO PROUD.
He knows what is appropriate and what isn't -- by keeping him in the classroom he is seeing how his peers react or ignore his behaviors.

He is no longer on his medication, he is in a regular classroom most of the day --- and he's doing a really great job of looking.... dare I say it.... typical

I have also learned a new trick... trying to get Shane to
respond to his name is difficult...
 so instead I say his name... and if I don't get a response then I say something like PIZZA, WATERMELON,FRENCH FRY-- anything that is good food related and totally random.-- It has REALLY increased his response time and willingness to PAY attention to what I have to say!
 Plus... it is SO MUCH more socially acceptable to say with .... vigor? enthusiasm? Glee?.... Impatience...?

I wonder if it will work on husbands.... hummmm I'll have to try that...:)


Anonymous said...

Let me know how that works on Jerry and good luck with it. Me

Flo said...

is that why I'm hearing Bob shouting sundae! french fries! I thought he was playing a food quiz or sumpin!!
haha..you're so clever!!