Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yesterday evening was eventful, and exhausting

Last night ... there was a PTO meeting-- and many things were discussed that caused a bunch of emotion. The teachers were informed that some of them may loose their jobs, or there will be more furlough days-- .All because the State of Oregons' income taxes didn't meet expectations. The federal government gave money to Oregon, but the State will not release the money because of the shortfall from the income taxes.
In a word...grrrrrrr.... they keep taking days away from the students and the teachers, ans yet they expect more and more each year-- new testing and new curriculum for everyone to learn.  I know there isn't an easy answer.... but WE have to invest in our young kids-- they are our future.
During the PTO meeting it was announced that I am the chairperson for our Scholastic Book Fair-- I am a bit nervous about that~ but I did get offers of help from some parents. We also had a discussion about Oregon Battle of the Books-- that wasn't fun.-- (There was a parent that wanted to use left over scholastic money from last year to buy books for the battle of the books.) The parent didn't want to listen about why... the scholastic money is not for her to use-- This will be an interesting year..
We also had to state for the record that we were removing a parent from a position,  for a very long time she was not returning phone calls and being very un-helpful. She was asked to resign but she refused so it was put on record that she was removed from the position. That wasn't a fun event..
And then...
I was trying to get to Shane and Jessica in the gym... one of the little boys came to tell me that Jessica had a HUGE bloody nose... yikes...  She really hit her face hard... her nose, her lip and her forehead were all affected.  Thank GOD one of the parents' on hand was a nurse and gave me some good advice.  We cleaned her up and took her home -- put ice on the nose-- but then Jessica started repeating the same odd questions over and over again. -- I was getting more nervous as I kept answering her repetitive questions. Finally we decided that Jerry would stay at home with Shane and Jessica and I went to the ER. 
She ended up with a CAT scan... and a cerebral concussion. -- She has to miss school for 3 days, and they don't want her reading or writing -- so the challenge is getting her to just "veg" on the couch... She loves to read and or be in motion so -- keeping her "relaxed" is a big task.   I did take a picture of her so that later she can look back on this experience-- but she told me NOT to post on here or Face book-- and so I am going to honor her request. 
I am a bit loopy, I had to wake Jessica every two hours or so and I missed a ton of sleep-- then when I tried to nap-- the phone kept ringing... I am hoping tonight I can get to bed early.

On another topic--- Shane is DOING AWESOME -- he hasn't been doing the point card-- he has only been using the red,yellow,green behavior cards that everyone has .... his teacher is very pleased, and I am OVER THE MOON! 

So, anyway... how was your night?  
I wasn't sorry to hear that "The Situation" is gone from Dancin' with the Stars.. but I am sad I missed the miners getting to the surface and I also missed Parenthood...  ah -- well ! Maybe I can watch some of that online another time.

Time to go  and get some cereal !


trydefyinggravity said...

that is SOME night!
Definitely catch Parenthood if you's worth the wait.

HennHouse said...

I read your post on facebook and had to come get the whole story... OH MY!

Praying for Jessica and you.

TherExtras said...

You are an amazing Mom! Praying Jessica's recovery is quick and complete. Happy to read Shane is doing so well.


Anonymous said...

Oh man no pic??? Guess she is old enough to care who sees it now...LOL! Tell her I would love her no matter what she looks like. I hope you get some rest Stace. Love you. Me