Monday, October 11, 2010

Karaoke people

This is my friend Jim... he is leaving OR to go to Tennesse, He is going to be a grandfather and he was raised in Tn.-- I am gonna miss him!


This is Jerry and Jim... funny story~
A long time ago, when I was young 21 something,
Jim and I had gone together to karaoke as friends...
I saw and heard Jerry singing... I was impressed.  I got up to use the ladies room and when I came back Jerry put his phone number in my hand and then left!
Jerry was quite the "player" at that time and so he told Jim ... that he would "have" me with in the week.
Jerry didn't...."have me" within the week... but -- we did start dating and hanging out. --- Jim tried so hard to convince me that Jerry was a "bad guy" and that I should date him instead... It's been 10 plus years since that all happened and it's great to report that Jim and Jerry aren't super friendly-- but they do both enjoy karaoke and there are no BAD feelings! :)
and this is my friend Jared... he was running the karaoke show ... when I first saw Jerry... This evening he had been doing karaoke at a wedding and came to say good by to Jim.  Jared also has the same birthday as my daughter Jessica.

 And this is me and Jim....
he is a really great guy ... I hope that he is able to find the woman that makes his heart sing.
This is my friend Katie... I have babysat her kids, cried with her over men, learned to cook from her... sewed with her... worked with her...

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Anonymous said...

Wow now I feel left out LOL! Guess who.......! I feel like I haven't seen you in years or something. I can't believe I had to leave before you got there. Love you Stace. Me