Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post #660 !

I am learning that being 40 doesn't mean that you are a "know it all"
-- it just means that you give the illusion that you might know some stuff...

I have been learning that as much as I want  to get motivated and exercise, it is still too soon for me to be thinking about walking with my Aunt... right now I have to stay focused on using my foot and toes as I have been taught. I have learned that I need to SLOW DOWN and pay attention to how my body feels.
May I just state for the record that I am not good at SLOWING DOWN?

Thank you GOD... for being patient and willing to teach me this lesson again and again -- :)
(Thank you sir... may I have another?)  :)

I am currently reading Who's pulling your strings? by Harriet B. Braiker
 How to Break the cycle of Manipulation and Regain control of your life!

I am also reading No More Meltdowns by Jed Baker PhD
Alot of the things he talks about I know already, but his words are really easy to read--
(There is a little comic on page 57 ... it says "Mommy brought you a lovely elephant and a nice juggler to amuse you, in case you get bored waiting for the food." I laughed for a good while after reading that... It really is AMAZING the stuff I will do to make the social issues less.... of an issue!
 sigh...breathe... sigh

Both of the kids seem to be very happy to be back at school, they are both very happy with their teachers, and Jessica was almost giddy when she got to do homework yesterday!  I was happy to see that the kids had homework also :)

The other night,while in the middle of dinner- Shane came into the living room to complain "Jessica is eating the butter!"-- Jerry asked Shane.... "Well, are you jealous?" Shane replied, "No, I just wanted her to get in trouble!"  {Never a dull moment with these kids... nope, never a dull or quiet moment!}

I am in the middle of doing some sewing for Jessica's teacher from last year-- her teacher is pregnant and so I am sewing some things for her and the baby... Oh, what Joy!

Two people that are near and dear to my heart have been in need of prayer-- my cousins' daughter Ally-- and also my friend Patty who comments here as "Me...."
  Ally seems to be having relationship issues and Patty was in a car accident. --
 If you can --would you please pray for them? Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

LOL Thank you for your request for prayers for me and thank you for the laughs...as usual! I love you Stace!