Saturday, September 18, 2010

Penguins and life

Not very often.... but sometimes I feel like this Mama Penguin--
 and then other times I love my title of Mom,
so much that I can't put it into words.

It has been a pretty good week at our house-- Getting back into a schedule is nice-- and Shane and Jessica really love school. They have been happy to do their homework!
I have been happy to tell them to DO their homework. :)

I saw my PT, and she was happy to tell me that I am making progress ! She is a mom of two also so she knows I do well with praise. She was nice enough to show me the Xrays... of my feet before-- she took her foot model out and showed me how-- both of my feet are different than the typical/normal foot. It was nice to know that all my foot issues are not just because I wore shoes that weren't foot-friendly.  I am still doing the exercises and they are still a ....chore-- but I really want to go walking and maybe eventually running-- so I am motivated to get better.

It is really great to see Shane interact with his current teacher, he is getting much better at being direct and polite.-- He came home the other day and was upset because he didn't get all his green points-- he was at one point trying to plead his case with his teacher, he was crying, whining, and yelling.
 His teacher stood strong against his shenanigans--- she let him know that his behavior was not going to gain any attention, or green points.  She even at one point just stepped over his body to deal with her other students.  I was very pleased that she was able to actively ignore him and not let what he was doing change what she needed to do. 
When Shane got home we snuggled on the bed and talked about the day-- he ended up telling me about an incident at recess. -- Shane and a new friend of his were playing an imaginary game-- another boy wanted to play also-- but Shane and his friend wouldn't allow that. -- Shane made a bad choice and put his hands on the other little boy. No adults saw, but the friend that Shane had been playing with saw, and she told the teacher. Shane's teacher tried really hard to find out the whole story but  Shane was too mad at his friend, and the little boy would not say anything-- . When Shane finally go the whole story out-- I explained that if he had been seen by an adult he would of gotten a level 3-- and a trip to the principals office.  He was somewhat remorseful-- so I wrote out an apology letter and had him re-write what I had written on the lines I included on the page.  I also had a chance to tell his teacher the whole story-- she also thought it was a bit funny that he managed to tell on himself! :)   
It's nice to know that Shane is willing to accept that his choices are not always the best and confess.

I also happened to run into Shane's kinder teacher-- and I had an odd interaction with her-- I usually say hello to her but that is about it-- I don't enjoy speaking with her, I think I am still bitter about how we were treated when Shane was a kinder-- but I try REALLY hard not to let that show. Anyway-- I stopped by to put money on the kids lunch tickets and  the teacher was getting ready to lead her kinders out and to their class--- she stood there and talked with me... IT was SO weird-- she was oblivious to the kids waiting VERY patiently in line-- she didn't even realize that I was trying not to add to the conversation. I am not sure what her motivation was--- our conversation wasn't really about anything more than grocery shopping-- and yet she just kept talking and asking questions.  I wonder if this is an olive branch ?

I have to get moving off of this computer and plan Shane's birthday party---
I hope I am able to make it easy and fun to attend without a ton of work.... :)
Because of Jerry's birthday, his work schedule and a memorial service I need to attend -- I have to plan Shane's party on a school night-- and with very short notice-- I hope I can make it work.

I also am now the PTO member that is in charge of our Scholastic Book Fair... I am pretty freaked out by that but I am hoping that with a TON of prayer... and a bunch of sucking up ... and treating others with honeyed words.... I can make it great?

Wish me luck!  I have a feeling that I'll need a seat belt or two to stay on this roller coaster ride I call life!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I love you Stace. Me

HennHouse said...

Sounds like things are pretty good around there... So glad Shane is enjoying school and homework.