Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday

School is going well, Shane likes his teacher, as do I--
 Jessica is so happy with her teacher I think she gets mad when school is over, and she has to come home.

I only have two things that are concerning to me--

 I haven't yet had much time with his new SPED teacher to see how well he responds to her directions-- I like her fine-- but it's Shane who will need to decide this.

There is an IA who has been at the school for a long time,  she happens to be older than me-- she is really skilled~ however.  When I come to pick Shane up from school, I give him a little bit of time to calm his body before walking him out-- we try to be quiet when we get his backpack-- but sometimes he is a bit wiggly. This IA will walk by and in her best teacher voice, say Shane show me a 1--.
A one is a calm body and Shane is supposed to attempt to achieve this OFTEN...
As his parent, I want him to be at a one... I want him to be calm,still and polite-- but if I am picking him up and taking him home.... then isn't he under MY direction ?
 and shouldn't all of the requests for behavior change come from me at that point???? 
I am sure that this  IA is not trying....  to make me FEEL like I can't get my son to have a calm body.
If I was less sure of myself as a parent, I would think(and feel)  that she (thinks) feels like she can do a better job with my son.

It's a sticky thing -- and I don't know if it's worth saying something or not... and then if I do decide to say something, who do I approach?  I know that it would be very difficult to speak directly to that IA-- she is very busy, and often there are kids around, I would not want my words to be repeated or misconstrued.

I had such a great relationship with the SPED teacher last year...this would of been a quiet conversation or a private email. -- I would of not felt like I was complaining, but only that I was been heard. ---

I went to the PT yesterday and I got good marks for following through and doing my exercises, (yahooo)
the PT was also nice enough to show me how to move my foot when I walk-- and seeing her move her foot-- I don't think I have ever used my foot the way GOD meant it to be used!   I have exercises to do every day and every evening I ice my foot-- I also need to spend some time scraping off the calluses on the bottom of both of my feet. The PT suggested that I "wean" myself off of the boot -- so this morning, When we were dropping the kids off at school I walked from one end, to the other-- about a block and a half.
I had to walk slow and pay attention to what my foot was doing-- it was a challenge.

I spent some one on one time, yesterday with Shane-- playing mailbox-- he had some old shoe boxes that were the message box and so  I would write a goofy message and then he would come and get the box drag it to where he was a read and answer my message. I tried to make the messages silly, but still something that he would need to read. It was fun to play with him like that and I did manage to get him to write some words--!  I think this may become a regular thing-- he liked moving the box across the floor and I liked seeing him eager to write with the pencil!  Although -- I am sure I will have to change the game a bit as the days go on-- to make it more of a challenge.


Anonymous said...

Stace I love you! I just needed to say something about the "1" thing! Let her do it and don't take it wrong. She may be doing it to impress you after all and she just may be doing it out of habit. You have always wanted someone that works well with and understands Shane so let it happen girl! "Join me" isn't that how you phrased it...LOL! If it works it works and you will have to release. It is still her duty at that point. I too remember the first time that kind of thing happened to me and I felt like I had been replaced at the moment and that somehow I as the parent was not being respected as the person in charge. Forget it! It's the mom thing that's taking over. Anyways.... just sayin'!!!!! Oh and does that work at home? Again...I LOVE YOU! Me

Anonymous said...

A great post for me to stop-in on! So full of news and questions.

I agree with 'Me' to continue to let the IA try this technique. My teacher-Hubby relies heavily on 'high expectations' with his students and with our children. If Shane seems to be not-responding to her prompt, I bet she changes tactic. Really, you did not say how Shane responded - just how you responded. (I think I'm going to look up that book in the post below.)

I am SO glad you are having a good experience with a PT! My heart hurts when friends of mine have bad experiences with other therapists. Experiencing an injury (even from surgery) and therapy is such a learning experience, eh?


Anonymous said...

I'm going to agree with all of the above. I'm quick to take offense to people jumping in (or seeming like they are jumping in) but I know that some of that is my own insecurity in parenting. I would just take it and see how it goes. If it's confusing to your son, then step in. If it's just a good transitional statement from school to home, try to let it be. Sometimes it takes all I have to not say something, but I have to remember it's coming from a good place from them.
good luck