Sunday, August 15, 2010

I think I learned a lesson!

Yesterday -- Jerry the kids and I were at home waiting,waiting...
 to hear if a baby was born.-- finally it was
(a beautiful baby girl 7 pound 2 ounces and I think 21inches long!)
[Lynn and Debbie are now the proud grandparents to their 5th grandchild!]
 We hopped in the car to drive to the show/gig that Jerry's band Paradox was performing at.

We knew we were going to be at someones' house but we had no idea if it would be kid friendly or not. When we got to the house~ there were other kids that Jessica was happy to play with in the large backyard-- Shane played for a short time in the back yard, but then he found a playroom/bedroom and he was --- shall we say in thrall?   The room was at the back of the house, and the window was part way open he got to hear the band but he didn't have to be outside with all the other people and kids. 

Part of me wanted Shane to come outside and interact with the other kids-- but part of me realized that he was very happy playing by himself.

Towards the very end of the evening, Jessica was able to convince Shane to come outside-- I think she used the lure of cake! -- Anyway -- Shane came outside -- The band was playing and Shane was singing along -- but he would let out a high pitched scream every so often-- complaining that the band was TOO loud.          I thought about getting our ear protection from the truck, but I knew the guys were almost done. Because of my foot being in the boot, I stayed sitting-- normally I would of gone over and tried to talk with Shane-- Eventually-- Shane came over and complained to me that it was too loud... I asked Shane if he wanted to "plug into the ipod"-- and he said yes...  I got him the ipod and it was SO AWESOME to see him ~ he was able to be apart of the gathering but he wasn't crashing or bashing into anyone, or anything! --

I wanted to get some pictures or video of the kids dancing-- but I didn't~ wah...wah...
I would of had to, borrow the keys from Jerry, then navigate the dark to the truck and find my camera --
The band was so loud that I don't know that the video would of been fun to watch anyway--

Ah, well... it was LOVELY to get out of the house and see other things and talk with other people-- Because all the guys and their wives in the band have other "real" jobs-- we all don't often get the opportunity to just talk. This birthday party was for Lynn's sister and so it was less of a show.... and more like a relaxed gathering/celebration.-- It really was a treat to just hang out and talk with the women, and even some of the men... :)      So, often Jerry's band is performs at a bar -- or where there is alot of intoxicated people-- .

My lesson I learned yesterday: bring ipod... and be happy! :)


Anonymous said...

Yayyyyy! Sounds great and it was super awesome that it cooled down so fast after it was 100 out! Looks like you had fun my friend! Looking gooooood! I myself am wore right out. Good that Shane was "enthralled" LOL! I gotta tease you. I'm so glad that all went and is continuing to go so well. I love you Stace! Me

Heather said...

Hi Stacey! Thanks for being such a great bloggy friend! Your words of encouragement are always appreciated. Hope your summer is coming to a great close!