Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jerry's band Paradox.. at a birthday party

Lynn... the leader of our Band... (Jerry took all these pictures and I edited what I could ... but they are still more blurry than I could fix)
This is the set up for the show... Lynn is the lead guitairst, Ivan is the bassist in the leather vest, and Perry is back working on setting up his drums. Usually we have another guitair player, James-- but he has a hard time commiting to coming to shows..

Grrr.... I am not very skilled with editing this post today, when adding pictures I try to add captions and then when I preview they dissapear!  And I am unable to post words that are not in caption size...
I must read more diections... 

Me.... --not my best side..

This is Debbie, Lynn's wife of many decades.... she's amazing!

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