Saturday, May 1, 2010

A sensory cartoon?

Do you know what Cookie Jar Tv is all about?
There is a show on Saturday mornings that makes my little heart warm--
It's called the Noonbory and the Super 7... hop over to here and read all about it.

Today we are off to visit my cousin who just returned from Haiti-I am excited to hear first hand what it was like to be in a place with such devastation, and yet the people are so positive.

Tomorrow is my grandson Irie's first birthday party and we were kindly invited by his mom! It's also church day so -- we might have to go to early service so that we aren't late for the party.

Monday, Shane will be home with me, because of his recent behaviors-- he lost the privilege of going on the all day field trip- to Mt.Pisgah- and the SPED teacher is unavailable to be with Shane for the school day so-- they asked that I keep him home. The rest of the week Shane will only be in school until 12:30., There is more testing that the SPED teacher needs to be available for and so Shane will not have a place to be.
I am a bit annoyed at this -- but I am trying hard to not be annoyed.
I know that we will have a meeting soon-- to talk about how things need to be tweaked-- I think that the IA is getting very distracted by the other kids-- and so Shane is getting away with a ton of manipulating.
May I just mention that even if you have an IEP, and accommodations for your child, you still need to be their advocate !

In twelve days, my daughter Jessica will be 9-- geesh! I am simply stunned at how quickly time has flown by!~ I am trying to figure out party ideas, we have a wide range of ages,and both girls and boys that Jessica wants to invite so -- I am going to have to be SUPER creative!

I googled 9 year old birthday party ideas and printed some out for Jessica-- now she needs to make a choice!

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