Monday, May 3, 2010

pictures from this weekend....

Shane was having some sensory ...err therapy time in the sand-- We had gone to the Park for my grandson, Irie's 1st birthday party... Shane was not yet ready to join the other party people.

Sorccia and Irie...

Sorccia,Irie with chocolate face-- and the back of Jessica's head!

Jessica posing and then getting ready to hang upside down on the bars!

Shane and Jessica taking a rest after playing some "tennis"

This is Irie's great grandmother, and Irie

a picture of the sky that I edited...

I was trying to look cool -- I think my hair and my top match... hehehehehe

1 comment:

Flo said...

Your hair and top DID match...I'd have to wear grey!!
Today I'm standing in for my daughter at my granddaughter's tea at her fun fun! I babysit her Wednesday over night anyway so this'll be a nice start to the day right? Ok cutie..later!