Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two, four,six, eight who do YOU appreciate?

2 4 6 8
who (what) do we...appreciate?
  • The SPED teacher who sees our son as smart but needing some guidance.
  • The OT that realizes how manipulative and yet how very smart Shane is !
  • The classroom teacher who, gets that right now Shane needs to be caught being GOOD as often as possible.
  • Jessica's teacher who doesn't mind that I constantly forget that it's Thursday-- and I should be in the classroom filing!
  • The principal who is very patient with Shane when he says "I lost my mind, that's why I tried to trip the other student!"
  • The weather here in Oregon, that often reflects my moods-- hail and then rain, then sunshine, then rain.
  • I really appreciate that this year is less emotionally toxic than it was last year!

So, I found some material at Walmart that looks like a checkered flag-- and since Shane thinks that NASCAR and checkered flags are...."cool"

I thought I would see if I can sew up a weighted blanket~

I stopped by the classroom and looked at the blankets that they have for him-- one is quite large--about a yard or so-- and the other is small-- and made out of fleece. I think I am going to try to keep this blanket about 3/4 of a yard square-- so that it is big enough for his lap but also flexible enough to be over the shoulders.

When I stopped by the classroom, the teacher,the IA and the student teacher were having lunch-- The IA mentioned that Shane was not really interested in using the blanket... I have a feeling... that the IA is not invested in "selling" the use of the blanket as a tool to Shane. I sent off an email to the OT, and the SPED teacher to see if they could find a way to deal with this. I know that Shane does enjoy the pressure from the weighted blanket-- but I also know that if he can make things more difficult for the IA-- and get more one on one time then he is going to not...comply when the use of the blanket is suggested! The SPED teacher has used the blanket with him, and he really responded well to it.-- But then he REALLY likes his SPED teacher-- I think he even has a crush on her!

After school today the classroom teacher and I were talking -- she was telling about how Shane will do something and then look around as if to see -- {did anyone catch me doing that?} I kept nodding my head, yup-- he thrives on one on one interaction and he often doesn't mind if the attention is positive or negative-- his goal is attention--

I guess he gets that from his parents'?

After all Jerry LOVES to be the center of attention when he is singing karaoke, or when he sings with the band... I write this blog JUST to get attention from, readers--.

I wonder if 7 is too young for military school?

oh... and by the way- Bye, bye to Sibohan(sp?) on American Idol...

your weird glasses and hair -- not to mention the piercings were a bit too much.,

I like Crystal,Big Mike and Lee--

although there are times when I wanna shout at the TV-

- Crystal just wash your hair already!

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Anonymous said...

What happened to your font...or is that just your way of gettting attention??? LOL! You'll always have mine you know...! I was just wondering if perhaps the blanket thing could be perceived by the other kids (and perhaps the IA sees or thinks this either herself or about the other kids) as being a baby blanket. Also if the IA does think that perhaps Shane senses it even if she doesn't say anything or maybe if the other kids do he has gotten a comment or something. Though I bet you'll make a great one and he would love it at home even if he didn't use one at school. Just throwing that out there. I wouldn't say that to Shane because then he would be thinking it for sure but it was the first thing that entered my mind. As usual I love you Stace. Me