Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Meeting~

The meeting, went very well...
I was one of 8 people at the table! WOW --

We talked about Shane

  • gaining more skills with self managing his own sensory needs,
  • using thumbs up if you heard me-- (To get Shane to respond)--
  • We talked about whether or not Shane would have an IA next year (still undecided)
  • We talked a bit about getting next years teacher involved this year
  • we talked about making the sensory breaks less about having fun and more about doing... some heavy work
  • we talked about how Shane speaks to others-- tone and volume.
  • his classroom teacher talked about how much he loves the bean bag chair and the heavy blanket...
  • we talked about how his Dr. and I are going to try a medication free summer.(It was requested that I keep a log of good behavior/bad behavior )

Our current IA will be moving on to a different job on the 19th of May-- Shane's teacher has a student teacher in the classroom so she is not TOO... worried that she can keep Shane on task!

It was nice to be at a meeting that wasn't hugely emotionally draining.--

But then at the end of the meeting I found out that my favorite SPED teacher will be leaving to go to Pennsylvania to be closer to family... I am so very sad-- she has helped make this year SO much better and I don't want her to go.

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