Thursday, May 6, 2010

My version of the weighted blanket

I finished the blanket!!!!
... this is the back of the blanket... I used a denim material that had some Lycra in it-- so that it would be durable but also flexible~

This is the top of the finished blanket... Shane Loves to compete, and NASCAR is a great topic---so when I saw this checkered flag material at WALmart... I was VERY happy--- it also made sewing the columns for the poly beads easy...
The poly beads I found at Joann's they were $6.99 I think... I used three bags--

This is Shane last night, he said "Mom, some see how much I love you.... " He put his sisters' blue boa/scarf on the blanket in the shape of a heart!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww .... It's nice when he shows me love like this-- it doesn't happen very often but when it does.. I get all emotional! :)

Later today the kids and I have to go to school for a meeting with the IEP team... we are going to see if our collective minds can create some new ideas to keep Shane on track!


Anonymous said...

He loves his blanket and he knows how much you love him! Ahhhhh, you are a great mom Stace! Your kids know it too! I love you. Great work on the blanket too! Me

Heather B said...

I need to get on making my son a blanket. He does so much better when he has it. The one he has now isn't heavy enough for him anymore. Did you use a pattern? You must email it to me if you did!! I'm more than willing to sew one - it'll save me boatloads of cash! great work on the blanket - it's awesome!