Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bear hunting? with kids?

Here are pictures that Jerry took of the BEAR hunt with the kids-- yup that's bear poop-- isn't that exciting?

and here is a dead mole-- whooo hoooo?

Pretty flower

The kids... I'm not sure if this was the beginning or the end of the hunt!
Jerry had promised Jessica that they would go bear hunting after she got home from school.
He forgot,however to make sure that Shane had plans of some kind with me.
After about 20 minutes of dramatics from Shane-- Jerry decided that he would take both the kids bear hunting... (he grumbled "Why am I, even taking a gun?")
Shane is not known for his quiet or stealth in the "wilderness"
After all he is outside... why can't he use his outside voice?
Jessica enjoys every second of being outdoors, she likes the worms, the flowers, and she has learned to just keep quiet and walk.
At one point Jessica got caught by some blackberry brambles-- Jerry let her use his pocket knife to cut them off of her ankle-- She was SO excited to tell me about this when she got home-- I think she felt like a REAL adventurer!
Shane wanted to be a part of the bear hunt -- so he carried a stick--that was his rifle-- he ended up... killing a slug with his stick. At one point Shane got berry brambles on his ankles and after Jerry got those off --Shane requested that Daddy get him out of the berry brambles!
[It's a bit funny the difference between how the kids view the berry brambles-- Jessica views them as a challenge -- and Shane views them as an obstacle-- to be avoided! ]
Jerry did take a few pictures-- (may I just mention that I would of taken a ton more??)
I got to stay home and rest -- I have a head cold or something and it was nice to just lay down and not have to worry about what was going on.
Jerry said that at the end of their time in the "wilderness" he let Shane walk a loop on this road-- I guess that Shane ran/walked the loop a bunch and so when he got in the truck to some home Shane said, "Oww, my legs are tired I can't wait to snuggle in my bed for bedtime--" Jerry replied-- "What about dinner?" -- Shane said "Oh, yeah-- dinner and then bedtime!"
It sorta sounds like all had a good time-- maybe Jerry should take the kids "hunting" more often? (I'm quietly-- nodding my head!)

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