Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday fun?

It's Friday and I am not quite ready to leave to go grocery shopping-- I wanna hear Sugarland perform on GMA.
Shane just did about 5 tasks by himself so that he could earn 45minutes of video games. Jessica--- she wrote a short story--
See Kristi... our kids are alike! :)
I am also going to keep her spelling/missspellings ---
Bob the mealworm
by Jessica 3rd grade
It was a school day. My pet for science was a boring old mealworm.
His name was.Bob. I took him out of the glass vile,I was trying to write a story about an insect.I decied to write about Bob. Bob the mealworm, He read it to the class they loved it to! he wrote.on my paper A+++. and Thats why I have a lot of friends!
The End

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