Friday, April 16, 2010

Our week ended much better than it began!

Thursday, Shane FINALLY had a good day at school :)
I guess the lesson was take the allergy meds at night so that during the day at school things go smoothly.
Today was grocery day and Jerry didn't have to work -- So, the kids and Jerry left for a bike ride while I was shopping, but when I got home they were still gone. I texted Jerry and then waited about 25 minutes-- then I called him... Last time I let Jerry take the kids on a bike ride, Shane got "lost" for a while... Finally, Jerry called and said they were happily eating a very late lunch at Wendy's. The kids still had gift cards to sue at Toys R Us-- so I offered to come and get them in the truck and we would all go to Toys R Us...
Shane picked out a golfing set and Jessica picked out a strawberry terrarium.
Jerry said that Shane did a GREAT job of staying close by and riding a bit ahead and then waiting.-- It was lovely to hear that Shane followed directions for Jerry.


Kristi said...

WTG Shane. Each good day is a triumph!

TheRextras said...

Wonderful! Reading about this day gives a very good feeling!


PS - Nah! My little blog post is like a contribution to Morgan's Wonderland. Wouldn't want to charge them for it.